Heroes Summit

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our 2016 HARmony Camp Ambassadors; Mitch, a hero from Cowes Enterprise College; Desree, a hero from Oasis Academy Shirley Park; and Anna, a hero from Freebrough Academy. They will be joining last year’s Ambassadors; Diane and Stevie, in ensuring the smooth running of this year’s summer camps. We cannot wait to have them on board and we hope they are as excited as we are!

Ryan Macnair aka ‘The Admiral’ briefing the new Ambassadors ahead of HARmony Camp.

Take a look at last year’s Ambassadors take on HARmony Camp!

Dolly Hall Snowdonia

Every week our team work in various locations away from many members of the team, because of this it can be difficult to find a moment to spend some quality time together. However, for us to successfully deliver our world class courses, quality time is vital. Every three months we have a team summit, all team members meet at one location and enjoy some time together as a team for a few days. During our time away, we develop our programmes, explore new ideas, as well as deciding which team members will be going to our various country-wide locations.

March saw us venture to Wales for a team building week like no other! We had the pleasure of returning to Dolly Hall (Dolcorsllwyn Hall), which has become a magical place, close to the hearts of all whom have visited. Dolly Hall is an old school building located on the edge of Snowdonia National Park in Machynlleth. The building and its grounds are kept running as a charity through donations and the work provided by its

visitors over many years. This was an excellent place for the whole team to be together. This experience was made unforgettable by waking up to a game of ultimate Frisbee and Graham surprising the entire team with white water rafting on the very last day. Every team member has made some special memories here and we cannot wait to go back and create more with our expanding team.

Heroes Spotlight – Desree Adeola

My name is Desree Adeola, I am 18 years old and I attend Oasis Academy Shirley Park.

When I was in year nine humanutopia first came into my school and presented a ‘Who Are You?‘ day. From that moment on humanutopia have attended my school on a regular basis and have work with myself and other students in different year groups.

There are many reasons I decided to become a hero and this was the best decision I ever made. When humanutopia first came into my school it was so different and exciting to hear people talk about something other than exams and other education subjects. They came to talk about us, the people we were and the people we wanted to become. This is the moment I decided this is something I cared about and wanted to be a part of. I have been a hero for three years and during this time I have worked in all three HARmony Camps that have taken place during this time, from home group leader, workshop leader, to camp director last year. HARmony Camp is hard work but also a lot of fun and I been able to experience all of it.

Meet our Youth Board

Our Youth Board consists of all members of the team below the age of 25 years. Here are the current Youth Board members and what they do for the company…

Mohamed and Lauren:

They have been part of our humanutopia team for two years now. They are part of the delivery team and have both developed that much over the previous two years that we feel they will soon be able to manage a delivery team of their own!

Karl and Ryan:

They are currently the only members of the Youth Board to also be part of the Operations team!

Karl‘s job is to manage all of the official social media networking accounts for humanutopia. Ryan‘s job is to pitch and sell humanutopia packages to schools and academies.

Heroes Summit

One of the first jobs the Youth Board was presented with was to arrange an event for heroes that our team has worked closely with over the previous few months.

The Summit consisted of four heroes from fifteen schools coming together for the spectacular day. The Youth Board has to research the most appropriate venue for the Summit, which was found to be Thomas Deacon Academy (our longest running partner school). The second step was to create a programme for the Summit, which would not only fit such an event but also provide the heroes with new experiences to aid them in running courses to their schools upcoming year 6’s.

Watch live on Periscope


Heroes Summit

Humanutopia Apprentices

Our company has been growing over the past few years, we have taken on advocates from various parts of the UK to become part of our team. Now, we are at fifteen team members. Eight of these are former students and heroes that have taken part in the programme. The video below shows our Apprentices reflect on their journeys and experiences with humanutopia, and explain how humanutopia aided them become the person they are today.

Take a look at our Apprentices 2015/16.

This year I have decided to apply for a Camp Ambassador role because I wish to experience the other camps as well as my own. The training to become Camp Ambassadors took place in Cheshunt, this involved daring activities such as; a trademark humanutopia icebreaker, and learning the steps for running a successful HARmony Camp.

I’m really excited about having the chance to work with a whole new team of heroes and year 6’s. I look forward to teaching them all about honesty, awareness and responsibility (HARmony). I cannot wait to once again work with humanutopia over the summer!

Tamara and Jordan:

These two members began their journey as part of our humanutopia team last summer as Ambassadors for HARmony Camp. They are now beginning to deliver a lot more aspects of the programme more fearlessly and are excelling at a remarkable pace!


Stevie is currently the newest member of the humanutopia team, as well as the newest addition to the Youth Board!

For the upcoming months Stevie will be learning all that is needed to be able to deliver confidently alongside the existing delivery team members.

The Youth Board also organised food for the day and arranged for guest speakers to appear throughout the sessions. These speakers were; Chris Smith, a year 10 hero from Wellington Academy; Paul, a member of YEUK team; and lastly Mitch and Desree, Camp Ambassadors for the upcoming HARmony Camps.

The heroes attending the Summit were taken out of their comfort zones and placed with heroes from different schools to their own. The Summit was designed to challenge the mindset of the heroes, this was done by creating questions for them that would develop some creative ideas which were then presented to the remaining groups. These allowed the heroes to discuss scenarios they were not used to as all the heroes are open to new challenges. During this time the staff for the corresponding schools left and allowed the students to exchange their ideas whilst the staff attended their own session.

Lastly, the heroes discussed the ways in which the heroes journey can be adapted to their schools when they return, this allows the heroes journey to carry on being a success.

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