Year Group Extended Programme

 Year Group Programme

  • Our three-part programme will support your pupils from a year group of your choice feel more hopeful for their future, develop confidence, overcome barriers, consider their behaviour and understand themselves and each other better.


  • Our first day, Who Am I is a day involving the whole cohort together, or the day split with half a cohort at a time. The day helps students consider their circumstances, past and barriers that have led them to who they are today. We then empower students to work to overcome these barriers, think more positively about their lives and develop more confidence. Students then commit to tangible changes they will need to make going forward.


  • We revisit the year group around 6 weeks later to run smaller group extension sessions. These smaller group sessions remind students of the key messages of the first day, prompting them to consider the changes they said they would make and work with them on a more personal and individual level to help them stick to their goals.


  • Finally, we return a further 6 weeks later to run Who Am I Now – a day split into two sessions for half a cohort at a time. This day builds on the previous two sessions to again reflect on changes but also to explore who and what they might be taking for granted, their potential, the importance of relationships and motivation for them to take ownership of their life and education.


  • This can be supported by follow up activities to be delivered in tutor time, and also we encourage teachers to use the ‘change cards’ to help support pupils moving forward.


  • Each student is aware of the barriers that hold them back
  • All students are more tolerant of each other and care about other people’s problems more
  • Students develop tangible changes they need to make 
  • All students get a smaller group session to support them in making changes
  • Students have higher aspirations for themselves and their future
  • Students are more motivated to make the most of their education

Don’t take our word for it…

“They were capable of taking whole or half year groups in one go, which anyone who works in a school will know is not an easy thing to do! They did it amazingly well and got the best out of our students in a short space of time. Our hardest to reach students started to think about themselves in a different way. Through our data collection, we can see the students who have worked with humanutopia. We can see their grades improving.”

– Liam D Powell, Headteacher, Manor High School

  • Specific support for a year group that faces challenges
  • This can be part of a rolling programme that happens every year
  • Can support existing PSHE initiatives, for example drop down days. Our key messages can also be woven into the PSHE framework

Year 7 – Year 11

Up to 240 students

  • Three sessions over a term
  • First session with whole or half year group
  • Second set of intensive extension sessions with smaller groups
  • Third day two half day sessions, with half the year group at a time
  • We will need a hall available with free-standing chairs
  • Identifying & rationalising  current and existing fears and worries.
  • Adopting a growth mindset in approaching challenges.
  • The key difference between things you can’t control and things you can. control – circumstances v choices.
  • The benefits of positive choices upon destiny.
  • How the short becomes the medium and quickly becomes the long term.
  • Reassessing what matters and what doesn’t.
  • Setting goals that matter.