About humanutopia

Our experienced  team of world-class facilitators, you can find out more about our team here

Most schools begin with a day called Who Am I, you can find out more about our 1-day workshop here

Two to three of our highly trained team members will work with the students during the day.

How do we do it?

Through 15 years of experience we use our innovative theory of change model to engage with the students to enable them to reflect on themselves in a different way.

Whilst the course is not solely aimed at academic achievement, we have found that by building confidence it enables students to develop personal skills that can help them to succeed both personally and academically. Our research completed from our Social Impact Report (hyperlink to current SIM report) has shown that out of students surveyed 95% felt more determined to make the most of their education following our course and more directly 87% felt a desire to improve their grades.

Who do we work with?

We have experience in working with primary year groups of 60, secondary year groups with 240 students to conferences held in stadiums. The size of the year group can be discussed with our team during consultation.

Initial 1-day packages begin with a whole year group, although the numbers of students and staff we work can vary once we have established a partnership with a school.

Working with a whole year group allows us to explore and shed light on relationships between students in the year group.

Our team begin each course by building a rapport centered around trust and respect. During this session, we will ask the staff to remain as passive as possible for most of the morning but to observe their students closely in session. By providing opportunities for students to reflect on their attitude, behaviour and their impact on others, they become more mindful of their behaviour.  Our team can deal with most things that arise – this actually supports the programme and the points we make.

Our core work revolves around Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5 however we have also in the past worked with FE colleges universities, school staff and younger students.

We work with groups of schools in terms of academies but we also run conferences, more information can be found below in “types of day”

Where do we work?

We work all across the UK.

We welcome any school staff interested in booking a day attending a school to see how our days work. Please contact us for details.

Booking a day

We are usually booked up around a term in advance, but we take bookings for 12-18 months ahead. If you have specific dates in mind, it is best to book early to avoid disappointment!

Costs depend on a number of factors, however our secondary day rate starts from £12.50 +VAT per student (based on a year group of 200). Please speak with us about what you would like to book to enable us to put forward a proposal with full costings.

Over the course of an academic year, our team will work with different year groups on personal, social and employability growth. We will also help heroes in older year groups support younger students and outreach with primary schools. This rolls on each year as the students get older.

Many schools incorporate humanutopia into their Pupil Premium development plan. Although we would not wish to exclude students based on social background, our social impact measurement system can help you demonstrate the impact on disadvantaged students in particular linked to our five outcomes of hope, confidence, happiness, relationships and employability.


We have had our work sponsored or match-funded by local businesses and academy sponsors as part of service and responsible/community business strategies. Public Services (e.g. the police force, local authorities, NCOP providers) in the past have also provided funding in an area with a demonstrable need.

  • Pupil Premium
  • Transition Funding
  • Local Authority
  • Character education grant
  • National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP)

Types of days

Our longer term courses provide regular visits which all help embed the ideas and build on the initial input with new ideas. Furthermore, an ongoing partnership with a school enables us to run our volunteering programme, the heroes journey in which older students lead and support sessions and mentor younger students.

We run both transition days which is usually part of a wider transition experience and summer camps held in schools for Year 6s going into Year 7 – all led and co-delivered with older students.

Yes, we have found in the past that our work gains momentum when a significant number of the staff take the ideas and embed them within the school. Staff training is offered as a 90-120 minute twilight or full day. Many staff comment that the staff training provides an ‘uplifting experience’ that helps them understand themselves better and improve relationships with colleagues and young people.

Yes, in the past we have run induction experiences to inspire and motivate students for the two years ahead. The courses are designed to help them understand themselves better. Students have then participated in the heroes journey. This is a leadership role that helps develop key life    This experience is also something that can be used when completing Personal Statements for further education and provide key experience for their future employability.

Our engagement with the corporate world comes through young people. Our conference model enables corporate volunteers to help young people find out more about themselves, volunteers have fed back them it helps motivate them too at work and in the community.

Our conference model involves bringing together young people from a community – this could be a geographical area or schools that are linked through a multi-academy trust or shared network. Our conferences are high profile events that enable students and staff to work with other people, reflect on themselves and develop crucial life skills.

What does the school need to do/provide

The most common venue used within schools is the main hall. The venue needs to be big enough for one group size and as we use a projector? we need to be able to darken the space with curtains or blinds.? Ideally the space will not be used before, during or after our event for any other reason.

Movement plays a large role throughout the course to encourage students out of the comfort zone. To enable this the team will rearrange seating throughout the day. We will therefore require enough free standing chairs to accommodate all staff and students throughout the day.

We try to ask that as many of the form tutors for the respective year group remain with us for the whole day. Although we understand that this is not always possible, the main reason for doing this is to ensure that all young people are adequately safeguarded by the school. We also feel it is important that there is a continuity of staff to take away a full picture of the experience.

Once an agreement has been sent out to the school, a member of the team will contact you ahead of the visit to discuss timings, venue and additional safeguarding requirements.

The humanutopia team will be self-sufficient. We will bring our own laptops and provide any media equipment the school does not have.

Our key requirements are a projector and large screen that all students could easily see. Additional requirements include a sound system and a wireless handheld microphone.


We provide a series of resources that can be used in assemblies/tutor time/PSHE to build on the key messages of our work. Furthermore, projects with heroes can help embed this – we have a specialist member of staff to help you grow these exciting ideas.

We have a dedicated school liaison officer who remotely assists partnership schools with the sustainability of the heroes journey, although it depends on the capacity of the school to be able to implement these ideas.

Showing the impact/ proving it works

Please visit our videos page to see examples of our videos for schools, they are a great way to showcase the partnership and often a positive experience of the school. Please inquire for further details of what we offer.

As part of the booking, we will set up surveys for each year group based around the key outcomes. There is a baseline survey prior to the event and a follow up survey after the event. The results of both of these are compiled into a report you can share with colleagues, parents, governors and Ofsted. All you will need to do is ensure that all students complete the surveys on a computer (approx time – 10 minutes)