Motivational Workshops for Schools

Improving student motivation

If you’re looking for motivational workshops for schools to help improve student motivation and find new ways to inspire your students then you’re in the right place. Our programmes increase the self-esteem and aspirations of students, leading to outstanding Ofsted standards.

To date, humanutopia has worked with over half a million young people, leaving a lasting impact in nearly 600 schools & academies. There are huge benefits to motivational workshops for schools.  Our workshops directly address negative issues and identify positive, personal solutions to enable students to fulfil their individual potential. As the number one choice of externally provided leadership and volunteering programmes in UK schools, we’re motivating students to make positive changes in their lives, society, and the world.

Our Programmes

Our leadership courses for students range from powerful 1-day motivational workshops to transformational 5-day programmes.

1 Day

3 Day

5 Day

Who Am I

Who Am I is our highly acclaimed, and much sought-after, flagship programme. Since its first introduction in 2004, Who Am I has helped over 300,000 young people.

Heroes Training

At the end of a Who Am I day, our team will offer any audience from Year 9 & above the opportunity to join our huge band of volunteers called Heroes.

Heroes Journey

Our 5-day programme offers students and schools the best chance of sustaining the amazing impact of our courses – providing a range of life skills.

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Ofsted Report Improvements

Our motivational workshops for school students adhere to the new Ofsted inspection framework, developing student motivation and leading to benefits in performance. An improved school environment can meaningfully demonstrate these areas.  Many of our partner schools have reported that students who participate in our courses show increased motivation and exceed their own predicted grades.

What People Say...

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