Heroes Journey

About The Heroes Journey

  • The Heroes Journey is a leadership and volunteering programme involving two year groups – for example Year 10 supporting Year 8, or Year 9 supporting Year 7
  • Heroes Training helps the volunteer heroes discover the skills they will need to help make a difference to themselves and other people.
  • We initially look at influencing factors and what attributes they will need to become successful. They will gain confidence in speaking in small groups, 1:1 etc.
  • The surprise arrival of primary school students allows them to have an authentic leadership experience and be ready to support pupils in their own community.
  • We provide resources for the heroes to help in tutor time, ongoing mentoring and, for example, running assemblies.
  • Our partner charity, the heroes foundation, can also come in to provide a sustainable structure of support for schools to best implement the Heroes Journey.


  • To encourage students to think about how they can volunteer and make a difference in their community
  • To provide an opportunity for students to develop their communication and teamwork skills
  • To empower students to feel confident mentors and equipped with the skills they will need
  • To provide real opportunities for students to be leaders – it is important not just to talk about leadership – they need to experience it for themselves
  • To provide each Year 7/Year 8 student with a positive role model they can look up to
  • To develop a range of important life-skills which will increase their employability and life chances.

Don’t take our word for it…

“By setting the scene and introducing the ‘heroes journey’, they look to inspire as many young people as possible to sign up and submit an application to become a hero. Everyone who applies is accepted. In their first year with us, with a little encouragement and targeted conversations, every disadvantaged student in the year group signed up to become a hero. Hero training challenges the young person to get out of their comfort zone, providing opportunities for self-reflection, growth and development. At this point we really started to see a difference in our young people.”

– Stephen Tierney, Former CEO, Blessed Edward Bamber Catholic Multi Academy Trust

  • Led by young people, for young people
  • Can complement existing leadership programmes in school
  • Embeds values of tolerance, empathy, resilience and volunteering
  • Provides a leadership pathway for those harder to reach so they can shine
  • Can be used to support primary/transition liaison, PSHE sessions, academic mentoring and ambassador work

Two year groups – for example:

Year 9 Heroes with Year 7

Year 10 Heroes with Year 8

Year 11/12 Heroes with Year 9

  • Full day with older year group
  • Full day of training with volunteers to be heroes
  • Full day with younger students with heroes
  • Follow up activities for the heroes to do with younger year group
  • The importance of a team mentality
  • Barriers holding back the team
  • The importance of communication
  • How to become a positive influence
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Key leadership skills