HU Ambassadors Road to HARmony Camp at Parkwood Academy

Today was the second day at Parkwood Academy‘s HARmony Camp, doing a 10 day camp.

So yeah, we’re at Oasis Academy, Enfield.

We’re here at the Thomas Coxon Academy.

We were coming in, working with the heroes to help run the camp.

They wanted to help children get used to the school.

It’s a good opportunity for the kids to build confidence.

It makes you feel really good about yourself as well.

My workshop’s about America. And we basically learn about the culture, the states.

Before HARmony Camp, I was scared that I was going to get lost, ’cause I’m small. But I’m not scared anymore, ’cause there’s heroes to help me.

It’s been brilliant so far. The school workshops are going brilliantly, the kids are having a good time. Us as ambassadors, but also the heroes have really like come together to try and make it like – as energetic and as fun as possible. I feel like we’re really getting that buzz now.

It just works, because of what it brings to people, and the way it helps people.

The camp is going really well so far.

To see year 7’s and the heroes interacting, I think that’s the main thing. Just the fact that a little year 7 was like, “Oh yeah, I know that I can go and speak to that person when I’m at the high school.” Be a bit more safe and secure in their surroundings.

I’m running the dance workshop for the kids. Gives them a good opportunity to meet new people, to get comfortable in the school.

I thought the heroes were really nice. You could speak to them about anything, and they’ll – they’ll just listen.

It is quite strange seeing like the tables flip almost. Turn it around and actually be delivering it.

humanutopia came, and they gave us the opportunity to do the heroes journey.

I recently just finished education for good. I’d say, the thing that humanutopia did the most for is open my eyes to different avenues there are. I was originally going to go to university, but when I sort of looked within myself, I just thought it probably wouldn’t be something that I could do or see myself doing.

I first met humanutopia when I was in year 7. I had no clue about them before, didn’t even known what HARmony Camp was.

humanutopia came into my school when I was in year 10. And I’d had a really rocky time in secondary school. I had basically zero self-confidence. I couldn’t even make eye contact with people. When they came in, things just completely changed for me. And I felt that I’d gotten a lot more confidence.

I was a bit shy, bit quiet. Just didn’t have any confidence at all. From when humanutopia came in, I don’t know what it was, it just clicked.

Them being there really helped me. It made me realise a lot of new things about myself I’d never like noticed before.

And I started off as a hero from year 8 onwards. I kind of took a lead role with the hero group at my school, and started leading the sessions.

Since becoming a hero, I’ve really had the chance to just grow.

You just know that there’s nothing that you can go through, that you can’t really share with anyone, or talk to anyone about.

I realised I deserved to have dreams and do well, and it just motivated me to do that.

I went online, on the website. Just to look for the job stuff I could do. And I came across the Camp Ambassador. And I didn’t really know much about it, but I thought, “Let’s go for it.” And then I got called to an interview in London. We did loads of public activities.

HARmony Camp 2015, it’s going to be bigger, it’s going to be better.

We run a camp, where they can do different activities.

It was really social. So we got to meet the team a lot more, that was really nice. Got told on the day that I had the job.

And yeah, I got the job – after the interview and all of that, so yeah.

That was cool.

This is something I could actually see myself doing. It’s something I enjoyed, so that’s why I’m here doing this today, and it’s great.

So this opportunity, I was really excited to be able to have it, and to be able to try and have that same impact for other young people.

So I think it’s nice as a hero, to be – for the first time, for a company to do that. So you realise they’ve got that trust in you and believe in you. That you know as young people, we can step up and do some of what they’ve been doing.

And I feel like, since I’ve been an ambassador doing HARmony camps, I’ve grown in just the space 2 weeks.

That’s the reason why I did it, was to help other people. But I’ve kind of helped myself so much more. ‘Cause I’ve got all these skills I never thought I could get.

It’s been the most amazing thing to be a part of.

Just having that bit of self-belief, confidence in me – has helped me go a long way from where I was, so it’s cool.

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