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humanutopia Stevie

humanutopia Stevie

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  • Team Role

    Apprentice Facilitator

  • Nickname

    Stevie B the younger/Steve / Steve-o

  • Age


  • At HU

    Joined June 2016

Personal Development

Confidence 70%
Listening 75%
Public Speaking 70%

What do I do?

Met Hu in 2011 when I was 15 and in Year 10, which was when I Joined the heroes journey, went on work experience with Hu, had the role as camp ambassador summer 2015, with my apprentice facilitator employment starting June 2016.

Best thing about my job

Getting to work with so many amazing young people who show such courage, bravery, wisdom and life skills.

Worst thing about my job?

Being a camp ambassador summer 2015 because it really felt we were helping young people develop and blossom as well as learning and experiencing new things myself.

hu funniest moment

Always lots of laughs on the road and just as a team in general, but Id say funniest moment would be some of the team challenges we’ve done at team summits.

Hobbies outside of Hu?

I love going to the gym fitness is a big passion of mine. Seeing friends and family is important to me to. Also still work as a lifeguard.

Craziest thing I’ve ever done?

Parasailing on holiday

Coolest thing I’ve ever done?

Raised over £1000 for premature baby charities by doing sponsored swims.

Oddest thing I’ve ever eaten?

The dog food jelly bean from the crazy bambozzled game!

My Skills


As an apprentice, I’m here to learn. I love to watch and absorb what the more experienced Heroes are doing and try to understanding how developing my own skills over time will, in turn, help the students we work with.


Listening to the amazing people around me enables me to grow, both as an employee and as a Hero. Be it experienced members of staff or an individual year 7 student, everyone can inspire and teach us things.


I joined HU to make a difference and support young people, but it is supporting all those around me both in and out of work, that has enabled me to become an asset for help.

My Favourite Video

I just love all our videos, so I have picked one of our south coast projects since it was around the time I started with HU.

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