HARmony Camp

 HARmony Camp

HARmony Camp is a three-day summer school for primary school pupils transitioning to secondary school. The summer school is led by volunteer student heroes based on the three core values of honesty, awareness and responsibility.

The purpose of HARmony Camp is to empower volunteer student heroes to gain leadership skills, facing the authentic challenges of running the event whilst providing a fun, effective and values-based transition programme.


  • Year 6 pupils overcome anxieties of starting secondary school and make new friends
  • Year 6 pupils have a positive transition experience which leads to a smoother settling in process in Year 7.
  • Year 6 pupils learn new skills, find their way around school and reflect on themselves and what they want from their time at school
  • Year 6 pupils start in Year 7 with  effective friendships with peers and heroes
  • Heroes volunteer 18+ hours of their own time to support the event
  • Heroes develop critical transferable skills that will make them more employable
  • Heroes are perfectly placed to support the students when they start secondary school

Don’t take our word for it…

“67 heroes worked with over 90 Year 7 students over the summer. The summer camp is based around moral values and involves on-site fun and engaging activities to develop confidence, develop lasting friendships and make the transition process seamless. Following summer camp last year, Year 7 settled immediately and prove to be one of our best year groups. ”

– Mark Roessler, formerly Deputy Principal, Oasis Academy Shirley Park

HARmony Camp is a twist on the traditional summer school model – the incoming Year 7 get all the benefits of transition, but it is values led based around honesty, awareness and responsibility.

The other key difference is that it is student led – we carefully train students to run activities, provide support and carefully scaffold the three days to ensure the best possible experience, whilst gradually empowering the student heroes to take responsibility as the week progresses.

Year 6s moving into Year 7. Supported by older students Year 9+

  • Training sessions for student volunteers to help them prepare
  • Ongoing support and communication with the school in the run-up
  • Three days during transition week or the summer holidays, mix of student led workshops and whole group sessions
  • The importance of honesty, awareness and responsibility
  • The benefits of stepping out of the comfort zone, trying new things and overcoming worries and anxieties
  • Developing tolerance and empathy for others
  • Discovering your own skillsets and attributes that make you unique and being able to articulate this