5 Live

About 5 Live

  • This course will empower students to feel positive about themselves, their future and their relationships.
  • This is a values driven programme, in which students will complete a series of challenges to explore the concepts  of honesty, awareness and responsibility.
  • Students will interact and work with students from other schools in the knowledge that they will be in year 6 soon.
  • The programme highlights the importance of developing key life skills and promotes making changes in order to take control of their life.


  • To provide students with the opportunity to reflect on the important role they will play as leaders in school
  • To provide powerful teaching moments in which all young people can see why diversity is so important
  • To  challenge the students to reflect on how authentic or not they are in school, helping them to understand the root causes of inauthenticity.
  • To inspire young people to be proud of themselves and to provide platforms on which to share their individuality.
  • To highlight and celebrate the importance of developing a wide range of important lifeskills and qualities.

Don’t take our word for it…

“humanutopia has transformed relationships across the school. It has enabled every child to feel a valued and cared for member of the school community and it ensures that every child has a voice beyond their class room.”

– Lorraine Dolan, Headteacher, Holy Trinity & St Silas Primary School

  • Specific support for a year group to foster positive relationships, behaviour, address bullying, improve students’ confidence and self esteem
  • Complement and bring to life existing PSHE and wellbeing in school – a chance for students to explore and experience concepts for themselves
  • Possible connection/collaboration with secondary schools, other trust primaries or schools in a local authority area

Year 5 (England and Wales) 

P6 (Scotland)

Full or half day session with the whole year group, or one class at a time

  • What do the  core values of honesty, awareness and responsibility really  mean? How they can be applied in life but in particular during their programme.
  • Talking  & working with people outside  your  own friendship circle
  • Teamwork, cooperation, task planning, problem solving, effective communication, reflection & analysis
  • Transferring the learning & applying it in school
  • Next steps to apply the learning in school