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School Workshops

School Workshops

Motivational Workshops

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Since 2004 we have been developing our school workshops to provide world class courses to students and teachers internationally. All our courses are built around our unique productWho am I? where we challenge students to open up and be honest with both our team and themselves. In one inspiring day, we target hope, confidence, happiness, relationships and employability, leaving everyone involved feeling great and ready to tackle the daily challenges they face.

Our lasting partnerships with schools and academies across the globe enables us to keep growing our educational product range to provide greater levels of customisation based on the needs of each individual client. All our school workshops are listed below, from our standard 1-day packages, primary school workshops & secondary school workshops up to our long term partnership activities such as the HARmony Camp.

If you have any questions please do check our FAQ section where we try to answer as many queries as possible, or simply get in touch through our contact form or any of our social media channels.

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Who am I ? - 1 Day Course

Our flagship programme suits any school and any year group, and will address many personal and social barriers to learning and in doing so will help raise aspirations. Key focus areas include personal and social development. This highly acclaimed and innovative experience will undoubtedly take both your students and staff by surprise and will cause a hugely positive impact with the year group involved.


Our first course, Who Am I?

The Course

helps young people overcome the barriers they face to unlock their full potential.


CRG, a course involving both students and staff

The Course

looks at how Communication affects the Growth of our Relationships.


An exciting employability course where students find out what they love

The Course

Focuses on how to make a living and a life from it! We call this their Sweet Spot.

6th Form Induction Days

These days are highly popular with more discerning 6th formers and help both old and new students form strong bonds, as well as closing the gap between Year 12 and Year 13. The day will challenge the students to consider how they can improve their studies, as well as signposting new ideas for enhancing their personal statements, UCAS applications and interview techniques.


Engage through high quality intervention.

The Course


Recruit and train volunteers
to become 'Heroes'

The Course


Heroes advocate pro-social behaviour

The Course

"It means a lot to me because I believe in myself more than I used to."

Year 11 - The Final Push

Many Year 11 students when the finish line is in sight, just need a new, fresh impetus of encouragement and sometimes when strangers are giving that support it seems to have a bigger impact. The feedback we have had about these courses over the years seems to indicate that the Big Push really motivates Year 11 students to want to do better with their exams.

Personal Motivation

Improves self belief among students

The Course

Makes them look within themselves and trigger the right emotions to complete their exams.

Setting Goals

Establishing challenging but realistic goals is essential

The Course

Measures personal abilities and creates realistic goals according to them.


Realising that having the right attitude can make a difference

The Course

During the course will learn techniques to break negative cycles and stay positive.

After I spoke people came up to me and said "I'm so proud of you today" and that means a lot to me

Who am I? - 3 Day Course

Using our flagship programme Who am I? with an older year group to provide a kickstart stimulus. At the end of a very powerful experience our teams will ask for volunteers to become Heroes. Day 2 will be spent with these new volunteers training them in how to be effective Hero Mentors for students in younger year groups. The Hero Mentors then help our teams facilitate the Who Are You experience to a younger year group as a kickstart to mentoring them. For the Key skills developed by the Heroes click here.


A powerful experience to understand oneself

The Course


The social aspect is crucial. Be aware of the impact we have on a social group.

The Course


Life is about learning. Nurture skills that will make you happy in life.

The Course

Harmony Camp

Our summer transition camps are unique in two very powerful ways. Firstly they are run by young people for young people. All the out of school workshops are created and run by our team of wonderfully talented Heroes who dedicate part of their own summer holidays to ensure the new Year 7 students feel settled and happy in their new school. The second reason that they are unique is because the main focus is on Ethics. We want the new Year 7 to understand how to bring about HARmony in their new school by using the acronym HAR. In a fun and interactive way our teams teach the students about the importance of Honesty, Awareness and Responsibility and these values are used in every workshop to help the young people establish a new code of behaviour in secondary school.


Our HARmony Camps were established since 2005 and we have now run 93 camps since the first one in Nottingham. In 2015 alone 97 workshops were run by 637 heroes and over 750 Year 6/7 students benefitted at 12 secondary schools.

Primary Schools

Continual engagement with Primary schools through high impact days

The Course

training sessions are run by positive role models and summer transition camps.

Apprentice Development

Three year+ partnership with Heroes Apprentice scheme

The Course

offers Heroes the chance to run the Heroes Journey programme at their school.

Long Term Partnerships

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We have many schools where our teams go back year after year and are welcomed back with open arms by the school community. In some cases we run top up workshop courses for new students and in other cases we run new courses for year groups as they progress up the school. Some schools like to see us once a year, some once per term and others once every half term. It all depends on what you want for your students.

Building Relationships

Powerful experiences to build positive environments to work and study

The Course

Sustainable Improvements

Looking after schools and the improvements they have made with our workshops

The Course

"They will help our children and the school become outstanding."

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