Our Unique Primary School Programmes

Our life-changing programmes are aimed at improving the mental health & wellbeing of all participants by empowering them to make positive changes in their life.


Our work can range from one day with a given year group to a longer term partnership in school run by young people, for young people.

All of our courses are safe & socially distanced and we work collaboratively with schools to find the best approach. We can provide:

1.  On site delivery to year group bubbles

2.  On site delivery to bubbles socially distanced in a large room

3. Smaller group workshops on site

4.  Live sessions online delivered to classes

Big Jump

Help your students feel confident and positive about the challenges ahead

5 Live

Inspire Year 5 to feel more positive about themselves and take a lead in school

Heroes Journey

Empower older students to support younger students

Utopia Island

Engaging challenges to foster collaboration

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