Staff Courses

CPD Delivery: Elevating Professional Development with humanutopia

Embark on a journey of rediscovery and rejuvenation with our high-quality Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses. We transcend the conventional, immersing educators in an experience that rekindles the passion and purpose that initially drew them to the educational field.

Our CPD courses are not just training sessions; they are transformative experiences tailored to delve deep into the core ‘why’ of education. We reacquaint educators with the intrinsic joy and profound impact of fostering young minds and spirits. In the midst of academic curriculums and administrative demands, we highlight the profound human connection that forms the soul of education.

Under the dynamic leadership of our founding director, Graham Moore, our CPD experiences take on a life of their own. Graham’s flair for communication and innate ability to connect with both the enthusiasm and challenges of working with young people infuses every session with authenticity and energy.

Every CPD delivery is a crafted journey, responding to your unique needs and instilled with Graham’s innovative perspectives on teaching. Expect a symphony of creative activities and resonant messages, each designed to inspire, motivate, and catalyse positive change.


  • Challenge current practice and existing attitudes.
  • Cause positive changes.
  • Create greater morale and cohesion within the staff group.
  • Provide an authentic platform on which to create a new culture.
  • Create deep empathy for young people.

Join Us in Revolutionising CPD Delivery

At humanutopia, CPD is not a task – it’s a journey of rediscovery, reconnection, and revitalisation. We invite you to experience a professional development paradigm where inspiration, innovation, and human connection lead the way to an empowered educational ecosystem.

Dare to step beyond the ordinary and embrace a CPD experience where every educator is seen, heard, and profoundly impacted. With humanutopia, you’re not just learning; you’re transforming – and in this transformation, we rediscover the soul of education.

Here’s what others have to say about our CPD courses…

“It’s been amazing for the staff to see and I think trying to engage staff in the awareness of some of the challenges young people face is one of the key things we are trying to drive forward”

– Scott Garrity, Headteacher, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

  • Help staff understand the barriers young people face
  • Boost morale and a sense of community
  • Reset the culture in school
  • Improve relationships staff-staff and staff-students
  • Complements existing humanutopia student programmes

All staff, including non-teaching where appropriate

Our work can be specialised to SLT, middle leaders, pastoral leaders and/or NQTs if appropriate

Options of:

Full day INSET (approx 5-6 hours)

Half Day INSET (approx 3 hours)

Twilight Session (approx 2 hours)

Our training is bespoke but can cover:

  • Staff development – relevant and useful CPD
  • Pedagogy and the art of teaching, what makes students engage?
  • The culture of schools, i.e. the melting pot that is youth culture & staff
  • What makes young people tick, youth culture in more detail
  • Character education and the holistic development of young people
  • Barriers to learning and success, i.e. Conformity, compliance, behaviour to
    belong, etc.
  • The purpose of education in its widest sense, global citizenship, parenthood,
    financial security, etc.