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humanutopia Tamara

Tamara Isted

humanutopia tamara

  • Team Role

    Operations Administrator

  • Nickname

    T / T – Bone steak/ Tamazipam (take your pick)

  • Age


  • At HU

    Since September 2015

Personal Development

Positivity 100%
Self-belief 100%
Ping-Pong master 60%

What do I do?

Best thing about my job

I love my job because it allows me to listen to young people who are incredibly inspirational and make me look at life differently. I love the fact that we get to see young people at their very best and are given the chance to support them when they are struggling to be. Watching young people grow and become better versions of the legends that they already are is a beautiful thing.

hu funniest moment

Favourite hu course moment

Hobbies/interests away from hu

In my spare time, I enjoy writing about anything that captures my imagination and reading great books. I’m passionate about science, education and…ultimate frisbee (which is brutal, especially if you play with Graham…)

Favourite TV programme?

Would I rather

My Skills


I’ve always had a positive mindset. It’s the only way that you can face the challenges that life throws at you. Creating a positive environment we all grow.


After humanutopia came to my school everything changed for me. Now I’m much more confident, not only because I completely believe in what I say but because I believe in me and my abilities.


Working towards a common goal is what motivates me to give my 100%. Giving all my energy every day to get that goal is how I fill totally fulfilled.

My Favourite Video

Watching our heroes reunion video makes me relive that moment. It was absolutely magical and I can’t wait to do the next one.

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