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Youth Board

humanutopia youth board


We have made young people the core of our company, bringing through many students we have worked with on HU workshops into our company as employees. The incredible work they do on a daily basis, not only helping young students but assisting in the growth of our company and charity, led us to create our Youth Board. The board is made up of all staff under 25 years old and each member gets a direct say in the direction of the business, the workshops and the Heroes Foundation.

The Youth Board meets weekly on Skype and every term with the aims of positively influencing the company in key areas. Each year they have to create and run a National Heroes Conference, but they also have sub-committees for developing ideas around Apprentice and Ambassador recruitment and training, hu programme development and Social Media. This is not a tokenistic gesture to include young people but a dynamic innovative group of colleagues who bring vibrancy and relevance to humanutopia.

All the members of our youth board are listed below and can be contacted via our contact form or via any of our social media channels.

humanutopia tamara
humanutopia Tamara
Apprentince Facilitator
Tamara inspires young people as an Apprentice Facilitator using her ultra positive attitude and outstanding…
Katie Team humanutopia
humanutopia Katie
School Partnership Manager
Katie is our School Partnership Manager at humanutopia, helping other schools and other heroes sustain…
humanutopia robina
humanutopia Robina
Apprentice Facilitator
Robina is part of our Apprentice Facilitator's team. Her strong personality and endless energy is…
humanutopia sacha
humanutopia Sacha
Apprentice Facilitator
Sacha works tiredlessly t0 improive the lifes of all the young people we work with. His…
humanutopia stevie profile
humanutopia Stevie
Apprentice Facilitator
Stevie joined HU having taken part in our 'Who are you?' day in 2010 as…
humanutopia ryan profile
humanutopia Ryan
Ryan is part of our sales team, helping us connecting with school leaders and partners…