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Primary School Workshops

primary school workshops humanutopia

Helping primary students

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primary school workshops humanutopia


At humanutopia we firmly believe that  ‘the future lies in the hands of those who give young people hope and reason to live.’  We have therefore spent a significant amount of time and energy over the past thirteen years in Primary schools working with Primary students as we believe that’s where so many answers to so many current problems can be solved.

As well as our best known Primary Courses, 5-Live, the Big Jump and Junior Heroes, in collaboration with Primary teachers and students we have developed our unique age relevant workshops which cover a range of issues common in Primary schools.  Our ‘through’ curriculum offers short primary school workshops from year 1 through to year 6:


Year 1  – Being unique

Year 2 – Celebrating diversity

Year 3 – Solving problems with people and alone

Year 4 – Being assertive but kind

Year 5 – What is cool?

Year 6 – Remaining authentic


Our specially trained teams will come into your school and  run highly interactive and vibrant sessions which will challenge your students to think about solutions to problems common to daily life in Primary schools. The young people will feel empowered and ready to lead and ‘be the change’ they wish to see in their schools and communities.

5 Live - Year 5

Delivered over three separate days we empower them to complete a series of challenges focusing on:

1) The concept of harmony and understanding the values of honesty, awareness and responsibility

2) Qualities, qualifications and creating a new set of skills

3) Changes they need to make to take control of their future


Learning new values that will improve their lives

The Course

New Skillset

Adding new skills for their development

The Course


Self-control is essential for a better life

The Course

The big jump

Year 6

The personal development course is specifically designed to embrace the challenges Year 6 students face when making the transition to secondary school. this one off day will challenge and inspire all your young people to be brave and dream big. This multi-layered, highly interactive experience will motivate year 6 to fulfil their dreams.


Primary students interact with Secondary School students

The Course

Helps primary school students overcome their fears


Making new friends before transitioning increases student's success

The Course

Helps students to be more focused at school


With the help of secondary schools students, primary students will feel more welcome

The Course

Is entertaining, students will engage in other school activities much more easily

Junior Heroes

Our highly acclaimed volunteer and leadership programme guarantees to empower and enrich all students who complete this unique course.

Year 5 and 6 students will focus on creating positive cycles to improve their own life chances by being strong and pro-social role model for students from key stage 1.


The Programme


The Experience


The Team

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