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* Give your students that Final Push
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“Today inspired me to change my ways and think about my future” – #WhatTheySay

Mental Health & Well-Being – Let’s talk about it

May 8th marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week and mental health & well-being is something that is very close to our companies core.

Teenagers go through a lot when trying to find their feet and progress into adult life, the best thing you can do is be there for them, give them someone to trust, somebody to talk to and be there to help them through. As you may know over half of our team are under 25 years old, some of whom have had past experiences with mental health issues and come through the other side the powerful, inspirational people they are.

We have recently run a course dedicated to these issues, take a look as we run our Mental Health & Well-being day for the Year 9s of Framwellgate School in Durham.

humanutopia Mental Health & Wellbeing

Keep an eye out on the blog page of our website for mental health related posts from our team in May.

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Who Am I? Start the year off the right way

September marks the start of a brand new academic year and our Who Am I course helps you start it off with positivity and drive for the year ahead.

Our flagship programme suits any school and any year group and will address many personal and social barriers to learning and in doing so will help raise aspirations. Key focus areas include personal and social development. This highly acclaimed and innovative experience will undoubtedly take both your students and staff by surprise and will cause a hugely positive impact on the year group involved.

Watch our Who Am I day in action – we ran our motivational life changing day for the students and Thirsk School and Sixth Form College, see what they thought here.

Find out more about Who Am I  or Book a Who Am I Day 

Got a year 11 you need to give a final push to start off the year as they mean to go on ready for their final GCSE’s? Do just that with our brand new course “Final Push” later in this newsletter.

HU Branding – A brand new look…

This year our branding has had a facelift, the usual red and yellow is here to stay on our humanutopia logo, but each of our courses have a brand new look. Our head of creative media Tom Duffy has been hard at work to give our course logos an updated look and feel so look out for them as they appear across our programme and marketing. Enquire


Humanutopia Branding

It’s true, we really do work with all ages

We are that confident that we can work with any age group that we have just developed new courses to directly target different ages of students.

Our primary school workshop and secondary school courses are available in 1, 3 and 5 day packages. Our 1 day courses are about providing a day of inspiration, reflection and motivation. Our 3 day courses are about leadership and volunteering and our 5 day courses are about peer mentoring.

Find out more about these courses here

Award Winning School Workshops – Get that Final Push

This year we have taken our award winning courses and really drilled down into what we want to achieve with what we run, that is when The Final Push was born. The Final Push is literally as it sounds, it gives year 11 students what they need to give their all in their GCSE’s and prepare them for future jobs or further education.


humanutopia deliver their inspirational Year 11 Final Push day Passmores Academy in Harlow, Essex.

Many Year 11 students when the finish line is in sight, just need a new, fresh impetus of encouragement and sometimes when strangers are giving that support it seems to have a bigger impact. The feedback we have had about these courses over the years seems to indicate that the Big Push really motivates Year 11 students to want to do better with their exams.

Find out more about The Final Push & Book a Final Push Day

humanutopia is education conference ready!

This year we have we have expanded the company in many ways, as well as adding 5 brand new members to our award winning team we have also created a conference team! Our conference team along with brand new materials and a professional conference stand are out in force at the biggest conferences in the educational world, from SSAT to the Education Show we do them all, ranging from as little as a conference pitch in an exhibition hall to a leading keynote and an inspirational session this team of hu professionals will go above and beyond to be where it counts.

Education Courses

Our conference stand complete with digital monitor that will continuously play videos by our very talented media team to give you a feel of what we are all about and what it is truly like to be a part of a day with our team.

Look out for Ryan, Katie, Laura and Gill at future conferences. With expertise in sales, social impact, marketing and sustainability they will be able to help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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