Be the Change Workshop at Bexhill Academy in East Sussex

Be the Change Bexhill

As part of a coordinated effort, we ran full day sessions of our school workshops and here are some of the testimonials of the experience.

Gary Peters

The whole purpose of this is to bring all that talk that’s been happening for good 30 years about how to inspire and give the next generation the stepping stone to work to life. And Hastings Direct stepped up and sponsored a 3 year program and it’ starting today.

Graham Moore

When you walk out through that door, if you’ve engaged with us today you will be infinitely more employable than when you walked in.

I think it’s been a real positive experience for people because it’s shown them that they really need to think about what they’re doing and that they need to think better of themselves.

It’s made me think about like how I act at school around other people

People who are rude will see that what they are actually saying actually offends people and they take it really personally. If they are upset all the time then they can’t concentrate on work and they’re not going to like school.

Students have got up and said something he wouldn’t normally expect to and others have applauded. And I think generally coming together within the small groups but also as a whole years group is fantastic to watch.

I really felt that this goes beyond work in the community and corporate social responsibility. This is about really making a difference to individuals and at a time that is so crucial in a life stage.

Exceptional day, very emotional in the morning some of the stories some of the young adults are coming out with. Hearing them vocalize it and having the strength and the courage to actually stand up there and say what they’re saying is just amazing.

Business volunteers are bringing a while wealth of experience from the world of work obviously. A lot of them are from the local area as well, so they got various ties whether it’s to the academy or the parents of some of these younger people as well. Really it’s just experience, enthusiasm and whole kind of attitude that will help to change the mindsets of the people we’ve helped today.

It’s different for me I’m just normally at work just doing what you do at work, it doesn’t have any impact on anybody you’re really just serving customers.

I found the business volunteer from Hastings are actually helpful because when we get older they’ll tell you about all the experiences you need to get a job.

The business volunteers have been really helpful because they’ve shown me what qualities some of the workers there have and how easy it is to get in there if you’ve got the right mind set.

It’s like people knowingly get more focused and actually get good grades.

Seeing is believing it’s been amazing to see the change of people from when they walked in the front door this morning…

It’s made me realise that people need to come together and be nicer together, they are good people they just dint show it and they need to.

It’s changed some people in there that I know and it’s changed my opinion of some people.

In this imperfect world there are still people who care about young people.

I think this has helped a lot of people.

Gary Peters

I hope collectively from today is that other corporates, SMEs and businesses across the local area in partnership with the local authorities and schools really embrace what we’re doing here. And help us take this not just across the local region but across the country to help really raise the aspirations of young people and set them up for the world of work.

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