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How humanutopia handles big events

Lesley King humanutopia Advisor

They seem to me that they offered a way of developing culture change and values driven culture change which timed very closely with my own educational philosophy. I was organising a conference at Chelsea Football Stadium and they said that they would work with elder students and then they bring hundreds of primary school students in the afternoon and those older students would work with them in sort of hero new student fashion.

I mean to be frank I didn’t really believe them. I thought it would be chaos, I was even a bit worried about the logistics of all this happening at Chelsea Football Club when there were hundreds of delegates as well and lots of other students doing those kinds of things. It worked like a dream, everybody was totally engaged. The primary teachers were slightly worried about the whole thing, they thought their children would be unruly or not understand what was going on. I mean in fact they were so unnecessary to the whole thing that they just sat in the back and watched because Graham and Carlo were able to hold the whole hall and it was a very big hall, with the work that they were doing. And the children themselves the smaller children were completely wrapped up and the older children who’d had a morning with Carlo and Graham you’d think that they’ve been heroes of years standing it was just wonderful to watch.
Never have I watched Carlo and Graham in their relationships with children where I haven’t been totally confident that they said the right thing, that they afforded dignity to every child, they treated every child with equal value. And they had a very determined optimism about the capacity for each child to be a success and that’s at the heart of their work and I would say that was I hope was at the heart of my own educational philosophy. Their work at its best is transformational, it changes children’s lives forever and goodness do some children need it.

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