Be the Change Brighton Heroes Training Course

In school you’ve got to put on an act for like everyone around you. So like – someone wants to be themselves, they’re not really allowed to. They have to act a certain way.

I used to like want to be someone else. Like to fit in, like I was really badly bullied at my last school.

We’ve been in little business groups talking about like barriers that we have in our head, and why shouldn’t like judge other people.

I think Be the Change is actually a really good program.

Working with other schools is helpful. Being able to like express yourself and make new friends, talk about things that you might not talk about with other people.

The best part of today for me was talking about switching roles. Like between popular people and unpopular people. Like what it’s like to be at the bottom, and what it’s like to be at the top.

Feel my confidence is built up.

It gave me a lot of confidence.

It helped my confidence. Now I know that I can advance and be a better person.

I used to get picked on quite a lot for the way I look, and now I’m like more confident about it. Working with the business mentors is helpful, ’cause they give you an idea of what it’s like to actually be working and stuff. Like they tell you what happens in the real world. They already taught us how to like shake hands and show that you like want to be in the job. And like, with that confidence building like, you can apply that to when you go for an interview.

I felt a bit nervous, because I didn’t know what they were gonna be like. When I got to meet them, they were really nice. I liked my group.

Today we are talking about bullies, and how to improve it. I’ve got lots of new ideas. Working with loads of new kids that I’ve never seen before. I get to introduce myself, and find out that there’s other people that can help me.

The heroes have helped me, because they give us really good advice. Just a really good experience to be with all the older ones.

I was pleased to be invited to be part of Be The Change, because part of my job in my gymnastics club is working with young people. What I’ve got out of it is – stepping out of my (2:17?) workplace, and getting to know children around that age. It’s a little bit more – in more detail finding out about their insecurities, what’s going on at school. The launch event was really interesting, because nobody really knew what they were walking into. We had a little brief before, as business mentors. But we rolled with it as much as the kids did as well. That was really great, because everyone got to push themselves out of their comfort zone. I felt like I was able to really explain to them that it’s the little things that we’ve said throughout the program. It’s actually looking someone in the eye and saying, “This is my name, and I think I’ve got this skill set,” and having a good handshake. It’s a simple thing, but these are life skills that they need to build, and we really do look for these things.

Grades will only get you so far. Like you have to develop as a person.

I don’t know, it’s just made me happy.

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