Be the Change Hastings School Workshop Teacher Testimonials

I found the day surprising, challenging – even though I was here as a mentor. Really valuable and insightful.

I think this is a very different atmosphere to what they’re used to in terms of interacting with adults. We spoke as 2 people rather than a teacher and student. So I think it was really good for them to talk to somebody different. With a sort of openness that we didn’t do with teachers.

The group I had today was really diverse, and quite interesting. There was a real mix of characters, and relationships and confidence were the 2 that most of them spoke about. And it was interesting to see them change and evolve during the course of the day.

Today gave me confidence, because it’s just like mixing with other people, and I don’t really do that. And it’s going to build my confidence to get my GCSE levels and the grades I need to get a job. And it’s helped me build confidence in myself. To meet new people, and make new friends – so I can stay in contact if I ever have any troubles.

It’s definitely opened my mind to lots of different opportunities, and different ways that I can change myself to be a better person and change my future.

For me, as a mentor, I think I get a lot out of it – both as a business partner, but also as a parent. And understanding more about young people, and offering my experiences.

The business volunteers, they’ve taught me key things about employ-ability and how to be more confident in the workplace.

It sort of helps me reaffirm that Hastings is a place full of talent and promise. Something that I deeply believe in anyway. That this is a place of creativity and excitement. And it can be somewhere where we can grow from.

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