humanutopia at Mount Carmel, Catholic College for Girls

Today was very good. It was quite emotional. It really touched me.

It just brought out so many emotions, and thoughts and feelings. How people – people stood up, and explained their problems.

I learnt not to treat people…in a way that I wouldn’t like to be treated.

Something that I went through that I thought was banter, was actually really hurting someone else. I felt like I should just listen to them, and feel their emotions. It showed me a different way to look at things.

I think it’s actually shocking to see some of the people that I’ve known for a while stand up and say stuff that I never would’ve guessed about them.

It’s changed the way I look at people, that you shouldn’t judge people just by the way they look.

Like you shouldn’t say stuff to certain people, ’cause you know what they’re thinking.

You need to realise that – how people feel. Everyone just came out today and just said what they wanted to say, or felt it at least inside.

This is going to help me look forward in the future. It’s going to help me not to use other people, and stick up for myself as well.

Now everyone’s understood each other, and you don’t normally see that, ’cause everyone just goes into their own squads and chills. Kind of today, everyone’s just like closer together. Like we’ve bonded, if that makes sense.

It’s nice to see a different side of people, and the true colours really.

I found different sides to other people that I didn’t even know they could be like that.

I was still happy that I opened up, and it just made me feel like – a lot of weight came off my shoulders.

Stop hiding really, just be yourself. There’s no need. I mean, at the end of the day, you are you – and you’re unique.

Thank you, goodnight.

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