Improving Employability for Teens

Improving Employability for Teens

Remember the first time you stepped into the world of work? The flurry of emotions, a heady mix of nerves, excitement, and uncertainty. Can you imagine your students on the cusp of that very same journey now? 

Entering the employment world can be a daunting experience for teenagers. “Am I good enough?”, “What if they don’t even look at my CV?”, these fears are common and completely normal.

But what if you, as their guiding beacon, could equip your students with the necessary tools to navigate this important phase? Transform that daunting unknown into an exciting adventure of self-discovery and growth?

Imagine offering them a motivational programme that not only prepares them for the world of work but also instills a deep sense of self-awareness, builds confidence, and aids in overcoming personal barriers. Picture a curriculum that provides practical insights into their behaviour and helps them understand each other better.

Our comprehensive three-part programme is precisely that beacon. It’s designed to guide your pupils, a year group of your choosing, towards a brighter and more hopeful future.

Day one, ‘Who Am I,’ is all about introspection and empowerment. A day that unites the whole year group or half the cohort at a time, and enables students to delve into their pasts, their circumstances, and the obstacles that have moulded them into who they are today. The objective here? To empower your students to overcome these barriers, nurture positivity, and instill newfound confidence.

About six weeks later, we return for smaller group sessions, which offer personalised guidance and reinforce the key insights from day one. We urge the students to introspect, remember their commitments, and support them in adhering to the goals they’ve set.

Fast forward another six weeks, and we have ‘Who Am I Now,’ a day dedicated to reflecting on changes and exploring their potential. Here, students will learn to appreciate the people and experiences they may have taken for granted, understand the significance of relationships, and realise the importance of taking control of their own lives and education.

The programme is further enhanced with follow-up activities during tutor time, and ‘change cards’ for teachers to continually support their students’ development.

Are you ready to equip your students with the tools they need to confidently step into the world of work? With our three-part programme, you can ensure they are not just prepared, but eager and excited to embark on this journey. Contact us today and let’s shape their future together.

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