Igniting Change at St. George’s International School

Staff Development Programme

Recently, our staff development programme, “The Heart of Education,” took centre stage at St. George’s International School in Luxembourg. The programme was led by our company founder Graham Moore, who captivated an audience of 150 primary and secondary teachers, leaving a lasting impression and a renewed sense of purpose.

The programme catered to the diverse needs of both primary and secondary educators.  Graham’s “Heart of Teaching” approach ensured a shared experience across all age groups, fostering a sense of community and collective growth.

“The Heart of Education” aimed to achieve several key outcomes:

  • The “hu” programme: Focuses on the human element of teaching and reminds educators of the importance of connection and empathy.
  • Challenge Current Practices: By prompting reflection on existing methods, the programme encouraged teachers to explore new approaches and refine their craft.
  • Deepen Empathy: Cultivating empathy fosters stronger relationships with students, leading to a more positive and supportive learning environment.
  • Spark Change: Ultimately, the programme aimed to equip teachers with the tools and inspiration to enact positive transformations in their classrooms.
  • Embracing Challenges: Mindset and Growth

The programme also acknowledged the inherent challenges educators face:

  • Mindset Matters: Highlighting the importance of self-awareness and a positive mindset, empowering teachers to approach their work with optimism and purpose.
  • Unique Journeys: Recognising that each teacher’s journey is unique, we celebrated diverse experiences and encouraged individual growth.
  • Turning Adversity into Opportunity: Reframing adversity as a chance for learning and improvement, fostering resilience and a growth mindset.

Topics for Transformation:

The programme explored a range of topics relevant to fostering a thriving school environment:

  • Understanding Teenagers: By delving into the complexities of teenage life, teachers gained valuable insights to better connect with their students.
  • Building a Positive School Culture: The programme addressed the four key aspects of a healthy school culture, laying the groundwork for a supportive and nurturing learning environment.
  • Relationship Dynamics: Examining the dynamics within classrooms and schools allowed educators to create stronger connections with students and peers.
  • Behavioural Foundations: The programme explored the distinction between natural and learned behaviours, giving educators tools to influence positive change in their students.
  • Unlearning and Relearning: By acknowledging the impact of ingrained habits, Graham empowered teachers to unlearn unproductive patterns and create new, more effective approaches.
  • Building New Habits and Expectations: Setting clear and achievable expectations, coupled with the creation of positive habits, fosters a more structured and productive learning environment.


“A breath of fresh air!  As the Head Teacher’s PA, I’ve seen many professional development sessions, but “The Heart of Education” stands out. Led by the hugely captivating Graham Moore, it exceeded expectations at every turn.

Everyone agreed (unanimous 5/5 ratings!) that his subject knowledge and teaching methods were superb. The pacing was ideal (another consistent 5/5!), keeping educators engaged, inspired, and equipped with practical strategies. 

Overall, Graham created a warm, inclusive environment, making the material accessible and relevant.  The increased motivation and fresh perspectives I see in my colleagues are a direct result.  No surprise then, that many gave the programme’s “utility and transfer to the job” the highest score possible.

In short, “The Heart of Education” transformed our team.  We’re invigorated and more passionate about shaping young minds. This inspiring journey will undoubtedly leave lasting benefits for our entire educational community” 

Melissa Comodi. Personal Assistant to the Head Teacher

Our unique staff development programmes demonstrate how initiatives can inspire and empower teachers, ultimately leading to a transformative impact on student learning and well-being.

Is your school ready to ignite the hearts of its educators? 

Contact us today to learn more about “The Heart of Education” and how it can benefit your teachers and students.

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