A Letter From Jack

Hello, my name is Jack and I wanted to write this message because you came to my school at St Mary’s Catholic Academy many years ago… I remember Steve being there with us teaching us things we didn’t know before and inspiring us to be better people.

I am 21 now and left school many years ago; however, I always remember the impact that humanutopia had on me, and I still carry it to this day. One thing that has stuck with me is “stepping out of your comfort zone.” Using this thought process has really elevated my life and my career.

When I was younger in school, I never thought I was good enough, especially in ice skating, which was and still is my sport, and this is what humanutopia has done for me.

After years of hard work and stepping out of my comfort zone in ice skating, I now have a professional career as a show skater and I travel the world to do shows. I would have never achieved this if I had never stepped out of my comfort zone when I was younger, and even now, I’m pushing myself to do harder and harder things every day.

I have travelled to do shows in South America, the USA, France, and Wales and the list is growing every year. Next year, I have Disney On Ice lined up.

If you could forward this email to Steve, it would be great, because he came to my school when I was younger and inspired many of us and changed us for the better. I still carry the teachings of hu today and I will keep constantly pushing to achieve higher goals. This all started with having the inspiration to do so with humanutopia.

Please keep doing what you are doing and inspiring young people. humanutopia changed my life and is inspiring young people around the world to better themselves.

Thank you so much for reading this and thank you again for having such a big impact on children’s lives.

All the best,


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