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Heroes Journey – 5 Day Course

The 5-day Heroes Journey offers students and schools the best chance of sustaining the amazing and much-coveted impact of our Who Am I & Heroes Training programmes. Providing all the benefits from the 3-day Heroes Training; we build-in an extra two visits from our highly-motivated HU team. This allows us to work more closely with year groups, so we can explore the messages highlighted from the first few days in more detail; giving students the opportunity to reflect on the issues addressed and the positive changes inspired.


Our courses adhere to the new Ofsted inspection framework, meaning schools can meaningfully demonstrate and address these additional areas. Many of our partner schools have reported that students who participate in our courses out-perform those that don’t and exceed their own predicted grades.

Our Other Programmes

1 Day

Who Am I

Our highly acclaimed and much sought-after flagship programme has helped over 300,000 young people since its launch in 2004.

3 Day

Heroes Training

At the end of a Who Am I day, our team will offer any audience from Year 9 & above the opportunity to join our huge band of volunteers called Heroes.

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