National Conference Pupil Premium & Ofsted

National Conference Pupil Premium & Ofsted: Ensuring Successful Outcomes

On 29th September 2017, humanutopia attended the SecEd and Headteacher Update conference.  Following on from the success of the previous seven conferences, once again a mix of innovative schools, pioneering headteachers, and educationalists provide strategies and practical approaches to support raising attainment, overcoming barriers and narrowing the gap for disadvantaged pupils.

With Pupil Premium funding being firmly embedded and protected from budget cuts, and with schools facing ongoing and evolving challenges on how to spend and allocate this effectively, the National Conference Pupil Premium utilised a wide range of different schools’ experiences, provide broad focus on a number of different interventions, whole-school strategies, the implementation of effective systems in different types of schools, use and generation of data, ensuring Ofsted readiness and much more.


Graham Moore at National Conference Pupil Premium

At the conference Graham delivered a workshop focused on Pupil Premium students and barriers they face being closely linked to a lack of aspiration and self-belief. Graham delivered a workshop offering 10 practical and adaptable ideas for how schools can engage early on with Pupil Premium students in order to raise self-belief, self-esteem, confidence and aspiration.

You can find out more about Graham’s pedagogical approach to teaching in our Pedagogical Approach To Teaching article.


Graham at Sec Ed and Headteachers Update conference

Graham and the team will be joining Sec Ed and Headteachers Update conference again on 24th November 2017 to deliver a workshop focused on “Healthy minds, including emotional wellbeing, resilience, mental health”.

In this session, Graham Moore will offer seven ideas for how schools, both within the PSHE curriculum and across the school as a whole, can support the wellbeing, resilience and mental health of their pupils. The workshop will focus both on preventative work/education across these vital areas as well as initiatives to support pupils who may actually be battling with challenges to their wellbeing. Graham will aim to offer schools practical ideas that can be adapted and incorporated into your PSHE approaches as well as general thoughts and advice on best practice in this area.

If you’re interested in attending the conference you can follow the link below:


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