Charitable Acts

Why? How? What’s in it for me?

These are a few of the many questions you may ask if I suggested you went out and committed charitable acts.  So I guess it would only be right for me to answer those questions from my personal perspective.

So let’s start with the why? My simple answer to why, would be why not?

What could giving and helping people in their time of need do except make you and them both feel amazing? Let me tell you something, if you go and give a homeless person some food or some money, if you help them with clothes and supplies, the situation isn’t going to make you feel bad, far from it! It should be something that we do naturally as humans, help each other, support and empower each other. It is most definitely something that we don’t do nearly as much as we should.


How an act of charity could change the world

It all started for me as a child when I watched a film called “ pay it forward”, a young boy basically came up with a plan to change the world, he said “if you do something nice for 3 people, then they in turn do something nice for 3 people each“, these acts of kindness wouldn’t take long at all to flood the world with greatness.

This was a concept that I loved so I tried to incorporate it into my life on a daily basis. You can’t take your money to the grave with you, you can’t take material things after you die, the only thing you leave behind is the effect you had on other people.

but some of them aren’t homeless, some are not real!

These acts can be done in many ways, the favourite one for myself is feeding the homeless and giving them clothes when I can. I know some people say “but some of them aren’t homeless, some are not real”. To those people I would merely say that it does not change your intentions. It doesn’t change the fact that your heart is in the right place and you are trying to do your bit for society. I am personally a massive believer in the law of attraction and I believe the universe returns to those who commit good deeds ten times over!

Giving is a special feeling

You don’t need anything physical in return, I promise you that the genuine gratitude from someone, the genuine smile you get back when you pass over some food is priceless. It’s a feeling that cannot be put into words, the energy you feel from doing something good is enough. Imagine if people didn’t think twice about it? If people just gave and helped each other as part of the normal day.


We are in 2017 and we still have people on the streets, people that are starving. We are a new generation of people who can make a change, if you asked people if they would like a society where no one is homeless, no one is hungry , yes it what they would say, but the actions they take don’t show anything. My challenge to you all is to be the change you want to see in the world. You want people to stop dying of hunger? Then feed them. You want people to not be homeless? Then help us get them off the streets. If everyone does their bit then the world would be a much better place, actions speak louder than words.

Written by Dale Marriot

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