A Transformative Journey at The Academy of St Nicholas

at The Academy of St Nicholas

At humanutopia, every engagement is an opportunity to inspire, empower, and transform young lives, and our time at The Academy of St Nicholas was no exception.This is why we’re thrilled to share a previous collaboration with The Academy of St Nicholas!

Our Heroes Journey programme took centre stage, challenging students to rise as heroes, to champion positive change within themselves and their community. Through interactive sessions, we delved deep into our five core areas:

– Hope 🌈
– Confidence 💪
– Happiness 😊
– Relationships 🤝
– Employability skills and life chances 🌐

Highlights from our time at The Academy of St Nicholas:

Year 11 Heroes – Icon Sessions: Our Year 11 heroes stepped up, mentoring their Year 8 peers, fostering connections that transcended year groups.

Year 10 Heroes – Peer Mentoring: Our Year 10 students embraced their roles as mentors, guiding Year 7 students on their own Heroes Journey.

Primary School Workshops: Our heroes also reached out to local primary schools, ensuring younger students felt supported and prepared for their transition to secondary education. The feedback? Overwhelmingly positive!

A Word from our Collaborative Primary Schools:

  • 💬 Garston Church of England Primary School: “The collaboration with Humanutopia and The Academy of St Nicholas was transformative. Our students returned with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.”
  • 💬 St. Anthony of Padua Primary School: “Our children were inspired by their interactions, gaining invaluable insights into friendships, goals, and aspirations.”
  • 💬 Middlefield Primary School: “The bonds formed during these sessions will undoubtedly ease our students’ transition from primary to secondary.”

Our time at The Academy of St Nicholas was a testament to the power of collaboration, mentorship, and positive change.

We’re immensely proud of every student who embarked on this journey with us. Here’s to many more transformative experiences!

Join us, support us, and be part of the change!

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