Meet Graham

Hello Everyone

I am Graham Moore the Founding Director of humanutopia. For the past 17 years, my main role has been to create, trial, test & refine all of our amazing programmes so that students all over the world can enjoy our messages. I was a secondary schoolteacher in Liverpool for almost 15 years and saw students facing many of the same problems that I faced at school. I set out to create new and innovative ways to help find solutions.

I am passionate about life and love nothing more than trying to convince young people that they are far greater than they could ever imagine, that they have unlimited potential and that their life could and should be an incredible adventure.  My childhood wasn’t easy & I had many barriers and challenges to overcome, making many mistakes and. Experiencing much failure along the way. I developed a growth mindset & started to make better choices and so my journey changed direction for the better.

I love working with young people as they inspire & motivate me in so many ways. I believe I have worked with over 200,000 students in thousands of schools across the world. They make me laugh, make me think and challenge me to become a better version of myself. I love my job & feel I have the best job in the world. What gives me the most pleasure however is when I hear students saying how much they love our programmes especially when it was one of our amazing teams who ran the event.


My Skills

I believe I have always been a good communicator both in conversation an in writing. I love to express myself & find great joy in sharing my passions & beliefs with other people. I also believe I have taught myself to become a good listener which is more important than speaking.

Whether it’s in sports teams, social settings or a professional environment, I have always been a natural leader. There is no doubt I have made many mistakes when leading but over the years I have taught myself new skills to help me become a better leader.

I would like to think that I have a big heart & a big imagination which really helps me to imagine what other people must be feeling. When working with young people I feel that understanding their feelings and perspective in life is absolutely vital & I think this it what helps me connect with audiences.