Meet Bradley

 I was 17 when I first met humanutopia, and I didnʼt know I needed until it happened. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life until that day. I got in touch with HU once Iʼd turned 18, I did some work experience and then went on to be an apprentice facilitator.

My Skills

I love working as part of a team because when working in a good healthy team there isnʼt much that can go wrong, its something Iʼve had to do for a very long time so its something Iʼve really learned to enjoy. The leadership skills I have gained not only at HU but in previous jobs allow me to have a great working relationship with my colleagues because they also have the same qualities; Together Everyone Achieves More.

I believe a great skill of mine is being able to interact with a wide variety of people, Iʼve always been told Iʼve got an old head on my shoulders. Iʼve always been taught to ‘treat the cleaner the same way you treat the bossʼ and thatʼs something I feel makes the person I am today being polite, respectful and always using my manners.

I love to learn, in school I was never the best learner but now I realise you  literally can learn something new every single day and thatʼs the difference  between myself now and me in school, I actually want to learn something new  every single day. My gran tells me all the time ‘Knowledge Is Powerʼ and it  something that I want to take advantage of. I want to learn to be the best  facilitator I can be and hopefully I can do that with the with the help of my peers  and the young people of today.