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humanutopia Tom Duffy


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  • Team Role

    Head of Creative Media

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  • Age


  • At HU

    Too long! 8 years #oldtimer

Personal Development

Creativity 90%
Team Leading 90%
Energy 100%

Best thing about my job

Getting to do what I love everyday, people feeling inspired by my work, making people cry with a video (in a good way) – usually means job done!

Worst thing about my job

Not having enough time to do everything!

hu highlight

Spending a week on a barge with the HU team.

hu funniest moment

(Coming soon)

Favourite hu course moment

Seeing two polar opposite young people relate to each other and realise that they are not so different after all…

Hobbies/interests away from hu

Cinema, rock climbing, snowboarding, obstacle course races.

Craziest thing I have ever done

Skydive x2!

Coolest thing I have ever done

Caught, filleted and cooked my own fish in New Zealand!

Oddest thing I've ever done

Played golf on a course in Australia amongst a load of kangaroos OR snowboarded down a mountain in a Jamaican bobsleigh team morph suit!

Would I rather

  • Be able to fly or be able to turn invisible? – Fly!
  • Be able to change the past or be able to see the future? Hard one! The past has happened and is just that – in the past! Seeing into the future may take the excitement out of it but would have to be that one, that’d be cool

My Skills


As a film maker, I’ve always loved to develop new ideas and new ways of telling a story. Bringing those concepts to life drives me on a personal and professional level.

Team Leading

Working with young people is a fantastic feeling as their energy levels and willingness to learn is always super high. That’s why I love leading teams and adding a little bit of experience to the mix.


Time is our most valuable asset and I have an obsession to make the most out of every day. That’s why I there is always a purpose in everything I do and I try to live up to those standards every day of my life.

My Favourite Video

I love seeing our team grow and working alongside young people who understand our goals and are starting on the journey I have enjoyed so much.

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