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humanutopia Robina

Robina Khatun

humanutopia robina

  • Team Role

    Operations Administrator

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  • At HU

    Joined in 2016

Personal Development

Confidence 98%
Communication 95%
Empathy 100%

What do I do at my job?

I help deliver the course and try to use my experiences to hopefully give other young people more information and understanding.

Best thing about my job

Knowing I can help make a difference in young people’s lives.

Favourite hu course moment

During the who are you day, when we are on the expression session, every student that stands up and expresses themselves in front of the team and their year group.

Hobbies/interests away from hu

I love dance, drama and music.

Craziest thing I have ever done?

This would be a time when I was a part of a drag show for my A level performing arts.

Coolest thing I have ever done

The coolest thing I’ve ever done would be ice skating for the first time and not falling over myself.

Favourite quote?

Everything happens for a reason.

My Skills


My father used to say that the only way to achieve something in life is through hard work and I’ve been raised with that as a core value.


Interacting and communicating in the right way with the audience I work with it’s one of my strongest skills.


I am highly motivated in everything I do and this enables me to push on in my career and support humanutopia with its expansion and growth.

My Favourite Video

My favourite video is the heroes summit reason being is just seeing young people come and work together as a family and watching them grow each time and know the skills that they are going to be developing is amazing.

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