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Personal Development

Organisation 100%
Communication 100%
Frisbee 60%

What do I do?

My role will be to oversee the sales and marketing of hu, focusing on conferences, increase in sales and help maximise the unique and already incredible HU name and presence in the world of education.

Best thing about my job

The best thing about my job is that I work with people who really care about human beings.

Worst thing about my job

The worst thing about my job is that I don’t get to see all the wonderful days that actually change peoples lives and engage in the experiences that I hear about from the staff and pupils around the country.

Favourite hu course moment

My favourite HU moment has to be back at Harmony Camp watching quiet shy and very scared and unassuming primary children walk through the gates of there secondary school to engage in activities lead by Heroes and watch them come alive during the week and finally see individuals grow into themselves as happy confident individuals, excited and ready to face the next challenge of their lives as they move to the ‘Big School’ without fear.

Hobbies and interests outside HU

My hobbies outside of hu are very simple and that is spending REAL time with my amazing family, laughing with them, listening to them and just enjoying their individual energy.  My particular favourite is sharing breakfast with my husband Graham on a Friday morning…

Craziest thing I have ever done

I have done many crazy things in my life, bungie jumping, paragliding , paraponting, black water rafting, but most recently swimming in a canyon in the USA in the most picturesque hidden/none tourist spot imaginable however we were handed a sudden torrential thunder and lightening storm.  We ended up swimming so fast to get out before the lightening struck us.  I have to be honest it was the coolest thing I have ever done too, it made me feel alive.

Oddest thing I've ever eaten

The oddest thing I have ever eaten was BBQ lambs ‘tails’ and ‘balls’ after having helped cut them off the lambs whilst working on a farm in New Zealand.

Favourite quote

My favourite quote has to be car-pe di-em!

My Skills


My Favourite Video

I don’t have a favourite HU video because every time I see a new one it replaces the one that went before.  However, when I see a really old one it reminds me of how far we have come and that’s something to be proud of.

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