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humanutopia Carlo


humanutopia Carlo

humanutopia carlo profile

  • Team Role

    Partnership Director and ambassador of cheekiness

  • Nickname

    Tony da tuna/C

  • Age


  • At HU

    Since day 1 – Jan 2004

Personal Development

Confidence 90%
Team Work 100%
Leadership 80%

Best thing about my job

A company growing with young people at the heart of our #6 mantra and seeing the impact of our work.

Worst thing about my job

Leaving my home.

hu highlight

Very hard to choose one but probably the SSAT Academies Conference at Stamford Bridge, you just had to be there… #chime.

hu funniest moment

Stevie B at xmas do in shush boy’s restaurant, too many in jokes too mention but most days are fun days in the land of HU… G’s face when I walked into a premier inn restaurant with no shoes , shorts and all my buttons undone on my shirt, same night as the Arnhem shout…

Favourite hu course moment

Anytime I see a hero or a team of heroes working with a group of younger students, it never fails to give me goose bumps and leave me totally inspired…

Hobbies/interests away from hu

being with my fam, hockey, #seagulls, playing drums, watching live music especially with my wife and kids.

Craziest thing I have ever done

Starting a business with G Force, but what a leap of faith and what a journey!

Coolest thing I have ever done

Watch my baby come into the world.

Oddest thing Ive ever eaten

A mad Korean dish my son Max made me.

Would I rather

  • Be happy or rich… true happiness is the richest thing in the world and helping people to be truly happy is double your money!
  • To BE present or have presents… being the real you is much better than being wrapped up in clay, let your light shine people!

My Skills


When we started humanutopia we always had in mind to empower young people. Personally, I love working with enthusiastic young talents and help them develop their full potential through good leadership and good counsel.

Team Work

Team-working inspires me to become a better version of myself. Setting challenging goals and make them a reality though the hard work and passion of a motivated team is what drives me.


One of the most important things to create a more postive, tolerant and productive society is listening to one another. Showing others that you care about their stories and their dreams makes it easier to connect as humans and I think I’m very good at that.

My Favourite Video

The Heroes Summit was such an inspiring moment for us and the whole team. I’m really glad that so many of our heroes could come. This video is a really good summary of what that experience was.

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