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Our teacher courses are ideal to help educators and school staff to acquire new teaching strategies and useful skills to improve their classes. Teachers have a central part in children’s education and creating powerful experiences for them has always been an important goal for humanutopia.

Making sure that school staff and in particular teachers have excellent and refined skills to nurture a positive environment where children can flourish is at the center of our workshops and courses. Find our range of teacher courses below.




Full Inset Training Days

 1 day bespoke programme

Our wonderful teacher training courses and staff training days are led by our very own hugely entertaining and dynamic Programme Director Graham. Graham is a brilliant communicator who ‘gets’ young people and is capable of reaching and motivating even the hardest to reach.

He is a unique and powerful speaker with over 15 years experience of giving presentations to a wide variety audiences. He has an amusing and engaging style of delivery and coupled with his dry Merseyside wit, makes him very easy and compelling to listen to.

Graham can deliver equally as well to staff as students and his main areas of interest are:

– Staff development – relevant and useful CPD
– Pedagogy and the art of teaching, what makes students engage.
– The culture of schools, i.e. the melting pot that is youth culture & staff culture
– What makes young people tick, youth culture in more detail
– Character education and the holistic development of young people
– Barriers to learning and success, i.e. Conformity, compliance, behaviour to belong, etc.
– The purpose of education in its widest sense, global citizenship, parenthood, financial security, etc.

He had a colourful childhood, which is translated into a powerful story, is relevant to anyone working in dysfunctional communities. Graham grew up in the 1970’s in very challenging circumstances in a tough area on a Merseyside council estate. He knows why young people do what they do, because as a teenager he did the same.

Graham was a teacher for 13 years in a very tough Merseyside school, went on to run Reach for the Sky for Sky TV and then set up the inspirational company humanutopia, which has motivated over 250,000 young people all over the country and 25,000 school staff.

Graham will engage any audience of any age and size and he will have them laughing one minute and thinking deeply the next. He will illustrate some of the most significant barriers to young people – which they have previously not seen and they will leave the room inspired and motivated to overcome these barriers and make more of their lives. His work does, can and will have a huge effect on young people and will impact on their behaviour and subsequent attainment.

Furthermore, Graham has given Keynote speeches to many adult audiences at the National Conferences of SSAT, E-Act, Ormsiton Trust, YST amongst many more. He talks with clarity and purpose about the importance of remaining focused and passionate at work. He has motivated and inspired many education professionals to reconnect with their jobs, helping them to regain their original spark.


Teachers are a fundamental part of the students' success in life


By inspiring them, we will inspire the next generation.


Improving the way teachers connect with students


Creating bonds will improve grades


By engaging a whole class you create a much more positive atmospehre


"It has been an incredible experience. I have learnt brilliant new techniques and strategies for my classes"

Staff Twilight Training

2-3 hour  bespoke programme

These are mini versions of the full day session again run by Graham. There is an option to have young people involved with these sessions, which will bring the deepest relevance and utmost meaning to any group of teachers leaving a powerful and lasting legacy to their professional practice.


Engage through high quality intervention.



Recruit and train volunteers
to become 'Heroes'



Heroes advocate pro-social behaviour


"Simply amazing. Graham has been such an inspiration for me today"

Keynote Speeches

Bespoke programmes on request

Graham was once described by a teacher after giving a keynote as the second best speaker he had ever heard! The best ? Muhamed Ali – not a bad runner up. We are very proud of the work Graham does with teachers and staff and any speech he gives really will have your staff thinking and itching to get back into lessons to try out their new ideas. You give us a topic and 5 desired outcomes and Graham will translate it into a scintillating and inspiring talk for your staff.


Powerful keynotes that resonate with any kind of audience


Mind Opening

Bringing positive ideas that are worth spreading


"They will help our children and the school become outstanding."

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