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Our Theory


Massive Impact

on over 200,000 students


Our Theory of Change is unique and based on almost 13 years of trial and error and is designed to help young people understand how they can bring about positive change in their own life. We are very careful never to tell young people that they need to change but we constantly challenge them by asking, ‘Do you need to make changes?’


Our teams know that when they walk into work with a new audience that many young people will not initially trust and respect them so we train our expert facilitators to help the young people relax and have fun. Within minutes the whole room is laughing and they immediately relate to way our young teams are treating them.

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Once the students feel comfortable our skilled team leaders will guide them through a proven process which helps them reflect on some of the major issues and barriers that young people face. This period of reflection allows the students to consider how their past actions have led them to be the person they are today. It is at this point most of our audiences begin to realise that they do need to make changes and the powerful emotions they feel can be enough to be the kickstart they need.


Our skilful teams challenge each young person to identify what changes they need and want to make and throw down the gauntlet to act differently. It as this point that many young people have a paradigm shifting ‘Tipping Point’ moment and realise that they can be in control of their life, their future and their own destiny.


Once they have experienced success with their own efforts to make positive change, they have a strong desire to become advocates and ambassadors to help younger students and inevitably we receive many applications to join our volunteer programme by becoming a hero. These volunteers then get involved with many events that have a deep and significant impact upon their own personal development but in doing so they make a huge contribution to a better community and society by Being the Change they wish to see in their world.